About the project

You are holding the special edition of the «Restaurant Navigator» handbook. This handbook is a direct descendant to the Insider.Moscow project, which I founded five years ago. My team and I started as a bunch of independent gastro critics. We paid our restaurant bills from our pockets and were mostly sober-minded (and at times peppered) in our opinions. Soon both guests and owners of restaurants started to trust our reviews. Some brilliant writers joined our team, our publications gathered thousands of views and even more reposts in social media.

We tried to be thorough when making this handbook. So we included not only trendy or recently opened places, but also long-term residents clubs, renowned restaurants, amazing khinkali places, speakeasy bars and dance places, and last but not the least high life and stupendously extra spots that Moscow is known for.

This edition was made in partnership with Discover.Moscow project to help tourists easily navigate in an ocean of Moscow restaurants. Of course, we had to limit the choice to only 200 restaurants, so we had to pick ones that located near the main tourist attractions and places. But we can assure you these places are ones worth visiting.

We tried to make the navigation system in our handbook as transparent as possible. So there are labels we assign to every place, highlights made in bold in the restaurant's description and our rating system.

We were inspired by the ZAGAT guide from which we've borrowed their 30 points rating system. The ratings are assigned through collaborative efforts of editors of the «Restaurant Navigator» who came to us from Insider.Moscow, a judging panel of 25 persons and readers of Insider.Moscow. Undoubtedly, any restaurant rating is a subjective opinion of the reviewer. Having that in mind, we still tried to organize the results and create a clear system divided into three categories: Food, Design and Service.

Our team and I wish you a pleasant reading. We hope that you can find new restaurants and bars through this guide, of which you had no idea they existed or an easy answer to the eternal question "Where shall we dine?".

Chief Editor

Mikhail Lopatin

Mikhail Lopatin