We provide the name and all contact information: address, nearest metro station, phone, website or social networks.


The ratings are presented in three categories: Food, Design and Service. Each category has a score rating of 0 to 30 points. For an approximate reference, the gradation is as follows:

Very good


For your convenience, we marked each restaurant with a special feature reflecting the central theme for this place. The special feature can reflect the type of cuisine, individual dishes such as burgers, or location (panoramic view). To keep things simple, we tried to use one or two special features for each place that can make this place worth visiting. Please see below the complete list of special features with short descriptions.


We were limited by the 500 characters in order to keep to the confines of the guide format. However, we did try to cover all that is signature for each place. There will be no negative reviews, if the place is that bad, then it is simply not in this guide, though in some cases a little bit of irony is applicable. Half of Moscow restaurants are likeable if you have a healthy sense of humour.


24/7 All-day long. Sometimes interrupted by technical breaks between four and six am, so better ask ahead.
Hi-End With real (not stated) elements of fine-dining.
Bar First of all, this place is a bar. All the rest are just trimmings.
Quick bite A 15 minutes meal.
Vegetarian Hardcore vegetarians and those who eat it from time to time.
Wine Wine cart is not just a last page on the menu but as a rule, the main reason to visit.
Omnivorous From your typical Sushi-Pasta-Caesar salad mix to unusual pairings, for example, Italian and Caucasian cuisines, which are favoured by Moscow restaurants.
Breakfasts All types of porridge, eggs, and all other breakfast hits.
Healthy food You can't hide from a healthy lifestyle. A good place to go after your workout. Icon Legendary places.
Icon Legendary places.
Cocktails They make them everywhere, but here they are true and of high quality.
Concerts Live music, stand-up comedy shows and other noise.
Coffee Good coffee.
Best wine list If you are a wine connoisseur, then this is the place to go.
Meat Here they know how to cook meat. No place for a vegetarian.
Pub Pub is a pub. Lots of wood, beer, chatty barmaids (optional) and not the healthiest food in the world.
Panoramic view On the top floor.
Beer All about beer.
Pizza These people know a lot about the dough. Only the best pizza places in Moscow are assigned to this special feature.
Fish Fish, lobster, scallops and other seafood. Here they are treated with respect.
Child friendly Please note that kids are welcomed only during weekends. We tried to mark all the best places.
High life To parade about and to observe other people. Or simply to see and to be seen.
Dessert Confectionary shop occupies a central place.
Dancing DJ is playing, and air conditioning is on.
Stupendously extra Not to be confused with "stupendously extra in the Armenian wa y", though the difference is barely noticeable.
Halal/Kosher As stated by the restaurant. We take no responsibility, it's all on your conscience.
Brunch Inconspicuously alcoholic Sunday. Fixed price.